Wishing you were here…

I’ve barely moved from this chair this evening … I ask myself what’s wrong with me? It’s called grief.

I convince myself I’m doing okay. I tell others I’m fine when they ask. Why? Because when I say how I truly feel it’s clear I make people uncomfortable. And that just makes me feel worse.

Some days I am fine. At least for the most part. Does a day go by without me thinking about him? Never. Some days the thoughts make me smile. I’ve even laughed out loud, literally, at the memory that washed over me.

Some days though … days like today … for no apparent reason I crawl right up in my grief and ride the wave. Because I need to. Some of you will understand this. Others will some day. And, perhaps some never will. While it sucks beyond words, and it may sound odd, I hope if you haven’t already intensely experienced grief that you do one day for it will mean your love ran deep. And that is a blessing. 

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America IS great.


Always has been!  Does she have her problems?  Of course – what country doesn’t?  It’s a sign that America continues to evolve for her people.

We can’t go back. We can cherish memories from “better times”.  Yet during the best of times there are still people who don’t feel it was their best of times – the words perception and perspective come to mind.

Getting caught up in wanting to suppress people for their beliefs or thoughts is a dangerous road to go down – check out history and what that’s accomplished.

Decisions from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) rarely turns out well – I know – I’ve walked that path – more than once. My take away lesson:  make educated decisions. Yes, I acknowledge that sometimes circumstances don’t afford us the luxury of doing the research and an instant decision must be made and acted on. But, when time and circumstances have permitted, seeking out facts to make an educated decision has served me well.

And, giving thought to “what if” scenarios in advance of every day potential situations lays the groundwork for being able to react in those spur of the moment decision-making situations – similar to training military, medical emergency responders, etc. receive.  THANK YOU, DAD for teaching me to consider in advance.

I encourage everyone to vote – and I implore you to do your research – be the individual you are – don’t just vote as a part of the herd or because you’ve been labeled as a member of a particular group – vote educated. And, please, don’t fall into the “my vote won’t count” mindset – because you will be making that statement self-fulfilling and have no one but yourself to blame.

Granted it takes some digging to get the facts – you’ve got to go beyond the sound bites and media spin, folks. Consider what our representatives are responsible for and look at the record of beliefs, accomplishments and failures of each candidate and how that translates to their serving as your representative. And, even if you don’t or won’t seek facts, I still respect your right to vote without being attacked, pressured or ridiculed by others for having a different point of view.


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New 750,000 square feet shopping center planned in Conway – KATV – Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Conway has grown so much since we moved here in 1997 and has evolved into a great city in which to live, work and play.  The evolution continues …

New 750,000 square feet shopping center planned in Conway – KATV – Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports.

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Beginning the Home Buying Search

In today’s world, the amount of information we can gather is unlimited and is at our googlefingertips.  No longer do we have to make that trip to the local library and search among the hundreds of books there to find the information we desire.  No more going from one real estate company to the next to see what properties they have available for buyers to see as their possible new home.

Today, buyers come to us, the real estate agents, often with a list (sometimes a very LONG list) of properties they want to see.  Many don’t realize they can hire a Buyers Agent, at no cost to them, who can suggest properties that will meet their needs and wants

Some buyers have spent endless hours on the internet searching various websites and watching endless hours of video tours of properties and scrutinized more photos than they can ever remember.  They look at auto-valuations and think they know what a property is worth BEFORE they’ve even walked the exterior to look at the roof and foundation, or stepped one foot inside the house.

Now, I am a HUGE supporter of education, and endorse that we should ALL be educated buyers and be certain we know what we’re buying, from that loaf of bread on the grocery shelf to what is most likely the largest financial purchase we will make in our lives…our homes.  While I know I can research disease and ways to cure or control it, or how to put on a new roof, I also acknowledge that I am one person who can’t possibly be a master of everything.

home in handsI believe we should support our local communities by buying local, including services.  When it comes to needing my vehicle serviced or guidance on how to plan for retirement, I seek out qualified professionals to handle that for me.  So, my search is not how do I do this, but who can I find to place my trust in to take care of my needs and wants allowing me the time to provide services to those who are like-minded and have sought out a well-trained, experienced Buyers Agent to help find their new home.

Using a Buyers Agent’s services allows buyers to focus on the tasks that they must do daily, such as continue to work so they can afford that new home, get those documents to their lender so they can get the loan to purchase that new home, and the list goes on.. and on!!  Buyers should select their agent as they do the other professionals in their life, like their dentist, doctor, attorney, etc.  Get referrals, seek out professionals who specialize in the service or product they are buying, INTERVIEW the agent and make sure you are comfortable with and confident in the agent BEFORE beginning took for that new home. If you hire an agent you trust, you can let go and know that they will show you the properties best suited to you.

Happy window shopping … whether you choose to do yours online or in person!DSC_0638

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While I’m not a fan of winter, the snow

While I’m not a fan of winter, the snow is beautiful. http://ow.ly/i/1iyGg

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Fall Heroes

Signs of fall are all around us from changing leaves and Imagetemperatures to holiday decorations.  When I was younger my favorite season was summer, and I never quite understood when I heard my grandmother say fall was her favorite season.  I do now. 

My favorite holidays come this time of year – Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

As a child, I knew my uncle and my father served in branches of the military, but in our youth we don’t have the capacity to truly understand what that means.  While I was raised to be patriotic by example of the adults who surrounded me, I didn’t understand then that my patriotism was taking root.  My understanding of what patriotism meant to me personally blossomed when my oldest son joined the Navy.  And, it crystalized with the tragedy of 9-11.

This summer while conducting a Google search, I stumbled across a program, Homes for Heroes®.  I am very proud to now be an affiliate of this program through which I can give back to the local military heroes who purchase and/or sell a home when using me as their Realtor®.   While I could not walk the path that our military men and women do, this program permits me to give back in honor of their service to our country. 

Heroes receive 25% of the commission paid to Sandstone Real Estate Group as a rebate to reduce their closing costs on their real estate transaction.  Heroes whose entire credit is not applied or do not need the credit for their closing, select a charity and a contribution is made on their behalf.

This year, I am sponsoring the 2012 UCA Veteran’s Day Celebration this year.  The event will be held on the UCA football practice field on Friday, November 9th at 11:00 a.m.  If you are a veteran, please plan to attend the ceremony;  and, spread the word to your military brothers and sisters.

I will have a table at the Information Fair following the ceremony.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet our local veterans and hear your stories!  Please stop by and say hello.  I look forward to meeting you there!Image

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